Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spends Ban Days 16 - 22

Ok so I'll admit I've been pretty rubbish with money this week and I fell off the wagon just a wee bit more this week than I have done in previous weeks.

I've been really keen to try out BB creams so when I found the Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF30 reduced to half price in my local Sainsburys I decided to buy it before it returned to full price. Its a one colour suits all and for me its a shade too dark right now but I think it'll be much better once I have a tan.
I also picked up from my local B&M Bargains 2 packs of Tea-Tree foot treatment socks, I love these packs they are really great for sore feet after a long day on your feet and at 99p a pack they really are a bargain. I also brought a Pure BB cream in Light which I have been considering for the last few weeks but for just £1.99 I decided what do I really have to lose, I haven't got round to trying it yet but fingers crossed. 
I also went for a mini shopping trip in WHSmith when I popped into Chester to collect my engagement ring from the jewellers (it needed cleaning as I never remember to take my rings off when I should) and picked up a copy of Instyle Magazine which as it was the compact version only cost £2.50 and Elle Magazine (compact size again) which at £4.00 is expensive but did come with a great freebie (you can read more on that here). 

So this weeks spends were:

Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream SPF30 - £3.50 
Tea-tree Foots treatment socks x2 £1.98
Pure BB cream all in one (light) £1.99 
Instyle magazine compact April £2.50
Elle Travel Size Edition £4.00

Total £13.97

All in all its not been a totally expensive week but I'm still slightly disappointed in myself, on the plus side though I have totally resisted even looking at any beauty related emails that have arrived this month so yay me.