Wednesday, 26 March 2014

GLAMGLOW Bright-Mud Eye Treatment

I think no matter how hard we try not too everyone has a part of their body that if they could change it they would, for me one of those parts are the permanent dark circles under my eyes. No matter what what I do they never seem to be any better and to be honest I don't have the time every morning to spent ages applying concealer. So as I've grown older I've slowly excepted that they are never going to look any better or at least I had until I ordered some Bright-Mud samples from GlamGlow.

When I first ordered my try before you buy sample pack I thought these would be a nice added extra but probably wouldn't do a thing to help but after trying out several packs I can say I love them, they really do make an amazing difference. After using my dark circles seem lighter and as an added bonus the tiny wrinkles round my eyes seem to have disappeared which for me is a win win situation all round. I've even tried them after pulling an all nighter when my eyes were swollen, sore and red and within 30minutes of a Bright-Mud treatment, the redness, soreness and puffiness were gone.

And best of all its just a quick and simple treatment to use. Each pack has individual ChromeCell for each under-eye and you just tap the product under your eye wait 3 minutes then gently wipe it off with a dry tissue. Its somethink so easy you could do while brushing your teeth. I think its pretty safe to say I love this product, it is expensive though at £44.99 for 12 ChromeCells but I think it's well worth the price for those occasions when I just need that extra confidence boost. I've been dropping some pretty heavy hints the past 2 weeks so finger crossed I might just get a pack for my birthday. 

If your interested in finding out more about GlamGlow products you can find everythink here

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