Monday, 25 August 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Lip Factory - July's Box

Another month flies by and another Lipfactory box has just landed on my doorstep to help expand my makeup collection. This months box though isn't just an ordinary Lip Factory it's their special 2nd Anniversary Edition and is packed full (as you can see) of even more make-up goodies than usual. And if that's not enough to celebrate over, included inside is a special discount code that allows subscribers to 20% off at

Now let's get to the fun bit the goodies themselves, this month I received 8 products (although there's only 7 on my product card, if anyone knows why please let me know).

Pari Beauty Eyeshadow - shade ES16 (RRP $11) - This is a gorgeous shimmering peachy/champagne colour and will work well with the rest of my eyeshadow collection.   

Palladio Brow Fix (RRP $6) - this is a clear wax pencil which feels kinda sticky and as this is the first time I've even seen a brow fix pencil I don't know if that's good or not? If you know please let me know. Being honest though I'm not too sure I'll ever use it so I'll probably be putting it up for swaps soon.

Palladio Shadow & Liner Herbal Crayon - shade Champagne (RRP $6) - I've been using my limited collection of eyeshadow pencils alot more lately as they are just so fuss free and multi-use so this is perfect for me! It's a lovely white champagne colour and from my quick swatches it looks like it'll blend nicely with the Pari eyeshadow also in this months box.

OFRA Lipliner - shade Silk (RRP $13) - I don't tend to use lip liners too much but I'm hoping this pale pink/plum shade will work nicely with soon of my lighter lipstick shades.

Eco-lips Eco-Tints Tinted Lip Balm - shade Rose Quartz (RRP $4.50) - this has a really pale pink shimmer to it which I wasn't expecting as it looks much darker in the tub. Its smells really minty and it left my lips tingling which personally I love. The fact that Eco-Lips is not only fair trade certified but also a cruelty free brand really makes me love it more. I will definitely be checking out more from them soon.

Beauty Addicts Sweet Lip Gloss - shades Lilac and Ginger (RRP $17 each) - both shade are nice, the Lilac is a pretty pink shade and smells sweet (like vanilla fairy cakes) while the Ginger is a shimmering bronze shade but it smells very strong (like paint fumes) thankfully that doesn't last too long after applying it. Both though are really thick and sticky though which I'm not fond of so although I like the colours I doubt I will use they much which is a real shame. 

J.Cat Wonder Lip Paint - shade Blabberwocky (RRP $4.99) - this is my surprise product and I love it, it's really messy to apply if you don't use a lip brush (make sure you do or you'll end up with stained fingers like me), its a lovely pastel pink shade, smells like peppermint and is quite glossy like lip gloss but I found it lasts abit longer and isn't sticky at all once applied. I like it that much I already have my eye on a few of their other shades, which just like this one all have Alice In Wonderland inspired names which I love, the fact that the J.Cat brand is a cruelty free brand only encourages me to buy them even more.

This months was pretty good overall with more items I like make that love than I dislike so I'm happy as it was definitely worth the money I paid. I am however planning to take a break from receiving Lip Factory boxes after my August box arrives as although I still love receiving them, I a) really want to allow myself time to actually use all my new makeup products and b) I fancy trying something new out for a while, I'll let you know what when I figure it out.