Saturday, 23 August 2014

Nerd Block Jr. Girls August 2014 Box

As both me & Mr H receive various monthly subscription boxes our girls were feeling a tad left out so after some research we ordered them the Nerd Block Jr Girls box it costs $23.99USD including P&P a month which works out roughly around £15. Each box includes between 4-6 girly goodies and arrive mid month. Nerd Block also do a Jr. Boys box; as well as an Adult box and a Horror box both are a little more expensive but do include a T-shirt as well as the 4-6 goodies every month. If your interested in finding out more or subscribing to your very own Nerd Block everything you need to know can be found here

This months box is actually the girls third Nerd Block and they were super excited to open it and completely pouted at me afterwards when I took it back off them to take a few photos... to quote my youngest I'm a mean, mean mother who's just mean... I was so in the dog house they only call me mother when I've really upset them!

The first item right on top was a Barbie Mega Blocks 'Kitty Play' Build & Play Foil Bag (RRP £3.00 at, Barbie Lego is one of the girls current favourites.. I'm constantly standing on bits lately.. so this was a hit the second they laid eyes on it and they couldn't wait to rip into it and get building. It fits right in with the Barbie Lego they alright have and at the price I'm seriously considering popping to my local Tesco to pick up a few packs to hid away as little reward for being good and doing well at school. 

Next was a Littlest Pet Shop Magic Motion Figure (RRP £5.99 at the girls received Pepper the Raccoon who wiggles her ears and closes her eyes when you brush her hair with the magnetic brush. This is right up the girls alley so to speak they love Littlest Pet Shop and its been a sure thing on every birthday and Christmas list for the past few years. Needless to say they couldn't wait to start playing with it and loved the fact that it was interactive. 

A slightly weird one next as its a Skylanders Giants Soft Pencil Topper Flinger, I'm pretty sure the one we received is Tree Rex but don't quote me on that as we don't actually play Skylanders at all and it took me a while to figure out I was looking at it upside down! The only price I've been able to find online was on at $5.38 which is roughly £3.50. Eventhough we don't play Skylanders the fact that they can pop this on their pencils then flick it at each other is bound to go over well when they figure it out... I'm so not telling them.. 

Like last month they received a Special mini magazine packed full of fun puzzles and activities to complete, this months was OwlKids magazine (RRP $5.99 about £4.00) which according to their website is aimed at 9-13 year olds, so its a little old for T but perfect for K, who promptly grabbed it and sat down to read it. It kept her quiet for longer than her usual art or barbie magazines do so it must be interesting. 

Both my girls are massive Super Mario Bros fans so they are now happily arguing over who gets to keep this Goomba Winged Mushroom Enemy Dangler with a collectors mini poster (RRP $5.99 on - roughly £4.00).  Personally I hate Goombas they are the bane of my life because every time one kills Mario I get the puppy dog eyes treatment from the girls until I give in and help them! I have wasted so many hours trying to beat those things...Eventhough I know the girls love it I so wouldn't pay £4 or more for it as that seems pretty overpriced to be honest. 

The last goodies is an Angry Birds Star Wars phone dangler (RRP £1.99 at and best of its Han Solo.. who is my all time favourite Star Wars character, I think I might actually have to nick this for myself when the girls aren't looking. It also comes with a a collectors mini poster and 2 stickers, which I bet will end up gracing the girls DS's by the end of the day. 

All the goodies combined come to just over £20 so well worth the £15.00 we paid for it and eventhough it might not be considered girly enough its was the perfect selection of nerdy goodies for my two occasional girly girl tomboys. The only downside of this months selection  is that they might start re-asking for the Skylanders Starter Pack they saw a few weeks ago!