Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Glamour Beauty Edit

Ok so I've been a bad blogger.... please feel free to virtually slap me as I've had the gorgeous new Glamour Beauty Edit box sat on my dresser for 3 weeks and I haven't had chance to share it with you all. And the reason for this you wonder.. well it's totally Mr H and the girls fault, every time I've escaped to blog about this beauty of a box in peace they've found me and dragged me away, that's why I've found myself writing this while they all snore the night away, well that and it's just far too hot to sleep tonight.

Right so now I've confessed my blogger sin let's take a look inside the box shall we.. 

Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes 0.9g (RRP £20.00
This is one of the main reasons I bought this box, as some of you might know I hate false eyelashes & the thought of putting glue near my eyes makes me feel sick but I'm constantly moaning to anyone who will listen (Mr H mostly) how unfair it is that my eyelashes are tiny so I'm hoping these add some much longed for length. 

Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Plumping Whip 90ml (RRP £7.19
Having long, thick hair I do have issues with flatness and no matter how much I try sometimes I'm left feeling pretty defeated and toying with the fabulous thought of getting my mane chopped short again so I'm willing to try any think at least once to see if it can add some much needed lift. And the fact that this cream smells lovely is just an added bonus. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Apple 15ml (RRP £6.00
Ok I'll admit my nail polish addiction kicked in when I saw this was included but I was hoping for the Sheer Pink shade i was surprisingly pleased to find the Red instead as it's got a really lovely shimmer to it. Not only do I like the colour I love that it's formulated without the 3 main nasty chemicals you find in most high street brands although it does smell amazingly strong so it won't be applying this shade around Mr H due to his asthma. 

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Starkers 4g (RRP £18.50
This is a completely new brand for me so I was excited to try it out unfortunately this shade just doesn't do any think for me (good or bad) which is disappointing as the lipstick itself feels lovely on and it's packaging is just so pretty I really wanted to love it. Now I've tried it though I'll definitely consider ordering myself a slightly darker shade at some point. 

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 30ml (RRP £4.50 or 200ml for £21.50)
Another reason for ordering this box was to stock up on this beauty. I received a 30ml bottle in my You Beauty Calendar and it's perfect for removing stubborn mascara and even though it's an oil and I suffer from greasy skin it somehow doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy just clean and soft. 

Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance Sun Lotion SPF30 100ml (RRP £5.49)
You really can't have enough sun cream in my opinion and Hawaiian Tropic is my favourite above every other brand, I love how easily it is absorbed and how it leaves my skin feeling super soft and silky afterwards but above all I love how it smells it's just so tropical and always reminds me of summers abroad when I was little. This mini bottle is also the perfect size for my handbag and that's where it will be going tomorrow morning. 

Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 Nude Velvet 2.5g (RRP £7.99)
I don't have the greatest history with cream blush I tend to be too heavy handed and the end look has been pretty clown like, so for the past year or so I've stuck to powder. This pretty little blush though definitely makes me want to give cream blush another whirl as it looks like such a delicate colour and as it's a cream to powder formula I don't think it's possible to really overdo the application or at least I hope it isn't. 

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan BB Skin Perfector in Medium Matt 125ml (RRP £4.66)
Another main reason for ordering this box was this easy to wash off 24 hr wear fake tan as every year it's the same thing, I spend what feels like months out in the sunshine and the front of my legs turn a lovely healthy looking bronze while the back are still as pale as milk bottles, it's just so annoying and every year I avoid wearing skirt, dresses and even shorts outside the house as it's embarrassing. And every year my friends and family encourage me to try a new fake tan and I ignore them because every time I have I've ended up streaky and well orange, which is so not a good look. I even tried a spray tan once the week before my wedding and never again i hated it! But the heat this summer has been unbearable and the option to be able to wear skirts etc in public has been really appealing so I'm hoping that this cream helps to hid my unevenly tanned legs whenever the summer heat returns.

Velvotan The Original Tanning Mitt (RRP £2.99
I've always used gloves or sponges to apply fan tan experiences before so I'm hoping that my using this custom designed tanning mitt to apply my Rimmel Instant Tan I'm going to avoid the dreaded streaks not to mention the awful orange stain hands. Looks wise I love the purple animal print and design wise the fact that it can be machine washed makes cleaning up even easier, and I love any think that make my life easier. 

Final Thoughts
I'm really pleased with this box as a whole, it's packed full of great quality brands and for the price it's amazing value for money at just £16.95 inc P&P. If you fancy ordering yourself the Glamour Beauty Edit it's still available to buy from Latest In Beauty here

And if you bought the Glamour Beauty Edit please feel free to comment here or get in touch on twitter as I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and about what your favourite products are from this box?

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