Monday, 4 August 2014

My June & July Favourites

Hi my lovelies hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent my Saturday curled up on the sofa having a movie day with the girls thanks to heavy rain outside... Plus side my girls now know the words to all the songs in Grease and Grease 2. Sunday though Mr Sunshine decided to come out so the girls spent the day in our back garden running round catching imaginary bad guys.. They love superheroes enough said! 

Anyway I realised last week I hadn't actually done my June favourite with being distracted with my Uni essay's so I decided to hold off and combine both June and July's into just one post so here it is.. 

June's Beauty Favourite - Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

I received a sample of this in my May Birchbox (check out that post here) and strangely had just ordered this 100ml bottle when Liz Earle had an offer on. I suffer from oily skin so the whole concept of washing my face with hot water instead of cold did throw me off at first but after a week of using this twice daily, I can't believe the difference it's made to my skin. It's visibly smooth and clearer and although I still suffer from the odd spot breakout they are no way near how bad they use to be. Yes my skin still gets that dreaded greasy feel at times but this wash really does clear all the dirt away leaving my skin feeling so clean it's unbelievable. To top it off I love the herbal minty smell and just how easy the cleanser is to use, the inclusion of a 2pack of muslin clothes is also great so u still have one at head while the other gets washed. I love it that much this bottle is nearly empty and I plan to buy a replacement ASAP I'm just waiting for payday. 

July's Beauty Favourite - Palladio Nail Strengthener

This nail strengthener came in my June Lip Factory Box (find out all about that box here) and it's been a total god send ever since. I have the awful dirty habit of biting and picking my nails when I'm stressed so after two weeks of solid uni stress getting my essays written up and submit, I'm ashamed to say my nails were in such a state. Normally I break out my old favourite Nail Envy but to be honest I was feeling lazy and this was within arms reach. The days following my first two coats were hectic mummy days so I didn't think about my nails but when I had a minute about 5 days later I was shocked to find they'd grown pretty quickly and since then they have just haven't stopped. I've suffered just one breakage in just over three weeks which is outstanding as I tend to get roughly two a week and that's on a good week. The best thing though is how healthy they look, the tips are whiter than usual and my nails feel so much stronger. 

So there you have them two great products! 
What was your favourite last month?