Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My newest obsession.

Ok so I recently discovered I've got a hidden weakness for makeup brushes, which is pretty bizarre given that just 2 months ago I owned only a hand full of cheap multi-use brushes but since I made my first purchase on Cohorted, I've ordered myself a new makeup brush every

It started with a sigma F82 brush (original post is here if you fancy reading it) and after just a few uses I was hooked, it just makes me feels like I'm waving a magic wand every time I pick it up and even better the effect of using a great brush to apply my makeup is amazing, it looks better and seems to last longer too. 

So over the past 2 weeks I've added to my limited collection thanks to the Cohorted website. The first week I ordered the Real Techniques Starter Set for Eyes (RRP £21.99 at

I just knew I had to order it as soon as I saw it as I've heard so many great review about it and for a final price of just £9.79 it was a complete bargain. It arrived all wrapped up neatly a few days later and the brushes are great quality and for someone like me who is use to having just the basics, I love that each brush tells you exactly what it's for. The travel bag is a great extra and with the inclusion of extra holders I can mix and match what brushes to have with me. 

The last week I added another Sigma brush to my collection, this time the F80 Flat Kabuki brush (RRP £17.95 at which is recommended for applying liquid or cream products.

Sigma brushes really are just so pretty and as I managed to grab this one for the final price of just £14.36 it's really great value too. The brush head feels amazingly soft, ever softer than the F82, so much so in fact I sat rubbing it against my face for 5 minutes before I sadly put it back in it's plastic cover and away to one side until the weather cools down and I feel comfortable to start using my BB creams again, I've never wished for autumn as much as I do now. 

And then this week Cohorted had yet another Sigma brush available, this time it was the F84 Angled Kabuki brush (RRP £17.95 at and after a very quick nosy round google I placed my order. 

In the past I've struggled to apply cream blusher properly without the end look being awful so I'm looking forward to digging them out from the back of my drawer and hopefully giving them a new lease of life with the F84. I'm also using it for contouring as it leaves my face looking much more defined. And for just £14.72 it's was well worth buying. 

I was also really surprised to find a free Sigma Pink Travel Eyeliner E05 brush included with my F84, I love the pink! I can't find a price online for this beautiful extra but you can purchase the normal sized black handled E05 brush at for £9.95.

It's a really handy little brush and although it's designed with liquid or gel eyeliner in mind I've been using it instead to apply my darker eyeshadow shades neatly along my lashes.

So there's the starting lineup for my new collection and after watching a few beauty vblogs I now have a post it note full of brushes I'm keeping my eyes open for. 

The hunt is on so watch this space...